The young people who I have the pleasure of supporting are... looking for a safe, reflective & open space outside of friends, family & school where they can process & make sense of their struggles... feeling the pressure of juggling relationships, school, friendships, exams, study & thinking about the future... feeling all the feelings & not quite sure what to do with them or how to move through them...  ready to rise above fear, self-doubt, comparison, people pleasing and feelings of not 'good enough'... wanting to build their confidence & self-esteem, so that they have a more accepting, loving & compassionate relationship with themselves... wanting to navigate teenage years in a more empowering way. 

For young people who are struggling to navigate teenage years & are ready for bespoke support, encouragement & a reflective space to develop their sense of self, overcome internal & external challenges & find a sense of clarity & confidence among the chaos. 

Teen Coaching

I've got you...

… aN INFORMAL & RELAXED space for reflection, processing & to be understood, heard & validated in your experience.

….the perfect blend of CONVERSATION, practical TOOLS & intention/goal setting.

… encouragement, guidance & support.

… a combination of structure & flow, responding to you & WHAT YOU NEED.

.... the tools, techniques & strategies to overcome difficult thoughts, beliefs, feelings & experiences.

… the opportunity to take what resonates & leave what doesn’t. This is your space to use in a way that feels most helpful to you.


✺ Reflecting on the here & now ✺
…So that you have a space to talk outside of friends, family & teachers without judgement.
✺ Managing Change ✺
…So that you feel clearer & more confident to manage the changes, choices & pressures you face. 
✺ Exploring your next steps ✺
…So that you can think about your definition of success or happiness, letting go of the expectation of others around you.
✺ Building confidence & self-esteem ✺
…So that you feel more comfortable in social situations, in school & in your relationships & have the courage to push yourself out of your comfort zone in the ways you want to. 
✺ Managing difficult relationships ✺
…So that you feel more comfortable in yourself & can communicate your needs, opinions & wants more clearly to those around you. 
✺Managing difficult thoughts & feelings ✺
…So that you feel less consumed by your inner world & more able to manage anxiety, fear, self-doubt or worry & can confidently overcome the thoughts or feelings holding you back. 
+ anything else that comes up... it's your space to use in a way that feels good for you & my mission is to enable you to feel as empowered in the process as possible. 

Our sessions together could include...

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Sounds ideal...

The world is full of coaches & therapists & it's important that you find the right person for you at this time. Some young people I work with have experienced counselling or other forms of support before but it just hasn't been for them... others have never engaged in any form of 'professional' support previously. 

As your coach, therapist, mentor, guide & biggest cheer leader, I offer you a space in a way that feels empowering & useful for you. My approach is pretty informal & intuitive... many young people say it just feels like a chat (!) but I en-devour to ensure that the sessions feel helpful to you, always & that you remain in the driving seat.

I truly care about the young people I work with & I remember all to well how difficult being a teenager can be. I've worked with so many young people over the years from all sorts of back grounds... ChildLine, in young offenders institutes, a drug & alcohol service as well as across many schools & services in different areas. I love getting to know you, supporting you to be your best self & understanding the world from your perspective.

I combine my personal & professional experience of helping hundreds of people just like you as well as my intuition, qualifications & learning along the way, to give you what you need.

Here's how I'm different...

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I truly believe that every single person has unlimited potential & the opportunity to live a life that feels deeply fulfilling, content & happy for them... no matter who you are, where you're from or what you've experienced. You are the expert in you, always. Sometimes, we just need the support, space, tools, techniques to navigate certain chapters in our life...

My approach is friendly, compassionate & empowering. I truly and deeply care about the individuals I work with and in doing so, I am committed to my own personal and professional growth and development... I fully believe in all that I share & do with young people. 

I am qualified in a number of modalities making my support completely bespoke, individual and holistic;  Life Coaching, NLP, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma and Attachment informed practice and Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy. 

I work with a small, intimate number of people at any one time to ensure that I can give you my all & I have regular coaching and monthly supervision to ensure that I am forever improving my practice to be my best self for my clients.

I'd be honoured to share this next chapter of your journey & to support you as you navigate everything you have going on. 

So, if you're still here... I'd love to hear from you!

My  Philosophy...

Parent Consultation 
Consultation with the parent (& young person if preferred). This is an opportunity to check-in on progress both in & outside of the sessions, whilst respecting the young person's privacy & confidentiality.

1:1 Sessions
Either weekly or fortnightly sessions, for 60 minutes, either online or face to face (location dependent!). I work with young people anywhere between 1 month & 1 year!

1:1 Connection Call 
30 minute free telephone call with the parent and/or young person to discuss & explore support needs & agree a way forward.

What's the journey look like...

YES! Lets do this!

⋆ 1:1 Free Initial Consultaion
⋆ 60 Minute 1:1 sessions (Facilitated weekly or fortnightly)

The investment  Options ...



Single Sessions [£85]

6 Session Package [£400]

⋆ 1:1 Free Initial Consultaion
⋆ 4 x 60 Minute 1:1 sessions (Facilitated weekly or fortnightly)
⋆ 1 x 30 Minute Parent Consultation

1 : 1 Coaching

“I honestly don’t even know where to being to express my gratitude to Becky and what her coaching did for me. It was honestly the best decision I ever made. I had decided to make a change in my life, read a few books, but it truly took taking the action to reach out to Becky that was the beginning of the real change for me.
She says the transformation I’ve had is all me but I can seriously say I would never have been able to see the possibility of how I can see my life if it hadn’t been for what Becky taught me and how she guided me and let me just pour everything in my head out to her! Our work together was invaluable to me and I’ll be grateful to her for the rest of my life!”

Teen Coaching

“He feels you've helped him equip himself for things he'll face and is in a far better place than he was last year and even earlier this year. I want to say a huge thank you to you as he has grown over the past few months and is very comfortable with who he is, what he likes, doesn't like and where he wants to be. This is thanks to you being his support ear and safe space to open up. Both of us can't thank you enough.”

Group Programme

“The day I found Becky was like a diamond in a rough being part of Brene Brown's community on Facebook drew me into Becky's purpose! I immediately resonated with her words, purpose, thoughts and stories! I learned more about myself in this last month and half than I ever have I truly feel! Becky is full of knowledge and wisdom in the self discovery, spiritual and life coaching world! She is very passionate, intuitive, caring, organized, driven, vulnerable and shares so much of her resources and tools to help you on your journey! She shares her truths and therefore inspires to do the same! Her approach is friendly, empowering and intimate!"

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