I spent years feeling afraid to show my true-self, to express myself fully, to listen to my own needs, wants & desires, holding myself back, people pleasing, doing what I needed to do to fit in, spending most of my time in my head over-thinking & worrying. Until one day, I chose to change my reality. I read all the books, listened to the podcasts, sought support from therapists & coaches. You name it, I’ve done it!

After hundreds of hours of inner work, self-enquiry, exploration & showing up for myself again & again & again… I have discovered the perspectives, teachings, tools & techniques that have enabled me to rise above fear & self-doubt, manage my internal world, connect with my own inner wisdom, step into my confidence & create a life that truly lights me up.

Since then, I have made it my life mission to empower as many people as possible to embrace that journey too.  I have helped hundreds of people over the last 10 years within the public & private sector. People of all ages & from all walks of life including offenders, those addicted to drink & drugs, the homeless, some of the most marginalised people in society as well as those who 'have it all' on paper, but still feel unhappy or not enough in some way.  We are all born with the same limitless potential but our lived experience leads us to start doubting that. 

I'm here to remind you that it doesn't have to be that way. You get to choose differently... so that you can make peace with yourself, anchor into your confidence, live authentically, live life on your terms, allow being who you actually are to always be enough, to stop suppressing what it is that you really want or need in life, to stop living on other peoples terms in order to be accepted, to fit in, to be loved or liked & instead become the self-sourcing, self-leading, self-responsible creator of a life you love.

When you realise that you don’t need to be different & that you always were enough as you are, that everything you want in life is there for you to have, that you don’t have to fit into a box… you realise that life is happening for you & you can begin living in a way that makes you feel alive, free & anchored in your worthiness, your confidence, your courage & your power.

My mission is to deliver long lasting change on your journey…not a quick fix. My intention is always for you to be able to carry forward everything we do in our time together, into your life and onto the next chapter in your journey.

My approach is friendly, compassionate and empowering. You are the expert in you, no one else. I truly and deeply care about the individuals I work with & in doing so, I am committed to my own personal and professional growth and development.  I am always delving into new coaches, courses, groups, books or podcasts because I love what I do. I have monthly supervision so that I can be my best self for my clients. It's a life long journey, but it gets to be fun, exciting, rewarding & liberating , it  doesn't have to be hard work. 

My support is completely bespoke, individual & holistic to you. I integrate a number of philosophies & modalities (including Life Coaching, NLP, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma and Attachment informed practice and Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling).  I combine intuition, psychology, spirituality, life experience as well as these modalities into my coaching, to meet you where you are & give you  exactly what you need.

Here's the thing... those who you look up to, admire or are inspired by are living proof of what's possible for you too & I am here to support you there.

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Your desires, goals & aspirations are there to guide you to your higherself... the version of you who is aligned in your truth, anchored in your worth & wildly happy in your life.

- Becky Rodrigues


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