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I see you... ready to rise above big emotions, consuming thoughts & limiting beliefs... committed to reclaiming your most empowered self & saying 'no' to what no longer serves you...  yearning to courageously live life your way, unapologetically express yourself & anchor into your confidence ...ready to level up, take aligned action, push yourself out of your comfort zone, reach your potential & achieve success in all aspects of life. 

For motivated individuals who are committed to diving deep, compassionately understanding & overcoming what's limiting them, taking aligned action & consciously creating a life of balance, growth & happiness...

1:1 Journey



RISE ABOVE difficult thoughts, feelings, beliefs or experiences & shed the layers that are holding you back or limiting your ever evolving potential 

Imagine if you could...

find out the details

…Deeply connecting to your truth, your goals, your intentions, your desires & giving you full permission to let go of what you think you should be doing, having or being.

…Cultivating an intimate & sacred relationship with yourself so that you have an even greater understanding of your internal world at a conscious & subconscious level ; thoughts, feelings, beliefs, fears, stories, narratives, patterns & experiences, giving you the power to choose again.

…Loving & deeply trusting yourself, so that you can hold all parts of yourself with compassion & openness, honouring your experiences & meeting yourself with acceptance.

… Releasing the voice of scarcity, comparison & perfectionism, enabling you to show up as your true self, shine brightly & stop holding back or playing small.

…Fully own your goals, your voice, your power, your values, beliefs, opinions, feelings & unapologetically anchor into your own definition of success, confidence & happiness.

…Follow the lead of your own inner wisdom, your powerful intuition & reconnect with a deep knowing.

…Claim your big bold goals, show up fully for them, gain clarity on your next steps, take radical action, push yourself out of your comfort zone, create the life that brings you success in your way.

I’d love to take you on the journey of…

… a space to be safely held as you compassionately move through blocks, challenges & patterns that limit you.

….the perfect blend of practical, emotional, mindset, embodiment & psychological practices.

… being lovingly challenged & called into your power.

… an open, flexible, curious space with full permission to use it in a way that feels most aligned for you.

… the conscious & subconscious techniques, tools & strategies to create real change in your mind, body & soul.

... powerful questions, REELECTIONS & teachings enabling you to overcome the deep rooted patterns that are holding you back. 


… a validating space to feel, be, & allow all parts of you to be seen, known & heard.

... Full permission to evolve, grow & claim the vision of your higher self.



I'm so ready for this...

Not yet committed to letting go of diss-empowering beliefs, patterns & behaviours

Not yet ready to fully  embrace the inner work 

Only half in & not totally committed to making changes for yourself

Hoping & wishing for things to be different without taking aligned action

This is not for you if you're...

A full YES to taking radical action & creating your goals in your reality

Invested in releasing limiting beliefs & diss-empowering patterns 

Ready to go ALL in & fully show up for yourself with devotion & dedication

Deeply committed to your self-development, growth & healing

This is for you if you're ...

Get to know me

As a certified Life Coach & Counsellor/psychotherapist, I offer an integrative approach in which we will compassionately understand your struggles, barriers, patterns & blocks, in the context of your lived experience... whilst empowering you to step into the most aligned & empowered version of yourself, letting go of what no longer serves you & taking courageous action to life wholheartedly.

The quality of our inner world is what determines our outer world... so looking outwards, won't change your internal reality & looking inwards won't change your external world... the key is the integration, combination & embodiment of both. 

My love, joy, passion & life mission is to empower myself & then others to...

Compassionately navigate your internal world...

Release the layers holding you back...

Courageously live & speak from your heart...

Elevate into your ever evolving potential...

Live in integrity with your authentic self...

Rise into alignment & achieve balance, happiness & success your way.  

Here's how I'm different...

1 : 1 Coaching

“I honestly don’t even know where to being to express my gratitude to Becky and what her coaching did for me. It was honestly the best decision I ever made. I had decided to make a change in my life, read a few books, but it truly took taking the action to reach out to Becky that was the beginning of the real change for me.
She says the transformation I’ve had is all me but I can seriously say I would never have been able to see the possibility of how I can see my life if it hadn’t been for what Becky taught me and how she guided me and let me just pour everything in my head out to her! Our work together was invaluable to me and I’ll be grateful to her for the rest of my life!”

Teen Coaching

“He feels you've helped him equip himself for things he'll face and is in a far better place than he was last year and even earlier this year. I want to say a huge thank you to you as he has grown over the past few months and is very comfortable with who he is, what he likes, doesn't like and where he wants to be. This is thanks to you being his support ear and safe space to open up. Both of us can't thank you enough.”

Group Programme

“The day I found Becky was like a diamond in a rough being part of Brene Brown's community on Facebook drew me into Becky's purpose! I immediately resonated with her words, purpose, thoughts and stories! I learned more about myself in this last month and half than I ever have I truly feel! Becky is full of knowledge and wisdom in the self discovery, spiritual and life coaching world! She is very passionate, intuitive, caring, organized, driven, vulnerable and shares so much of her resources and tools to help you on your journey! She shares her truths and therefore inspires to do the same! Her approach is friendly, empowering and intimate!"

Client Love


I truly believe that every single person has unlimited potential & the opportunity to live a life that feels deeply fulfilling, content & happy for them... no matter who you are, where you're from or what you've experienced. You are the expert in you, always. I continue to hold the vision for every single one of my clients & I am committed to empowering them to transform, grow & evolve into their higher self.  

My approach is friendly, intimate, sacred & empowering. I truly & deeply care about the clients I support & in doing so, I am committed to my own personal & professional growth & development, embodying all that I share & teach in all aspects of my life. 

I am qualified in a number of modalities making my support completely bespoke, individual & holistic;  Life Coaching, NLP, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma & Attachment informed practice, Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy & so much more. 

I work with a small, intimate number of people at any one time to ensure that I can give clients my all, hold space for them energetically & physically & I have regular coaching and monthly supervision to ensure that my practice is ever evolving. Investing in yourself in this way is powerful  because to me, it isn't about 'what you get for your money' it's about who you get to BECOME when you invest in yourself financially, energetically & practically. How you show up for yourself, how you commit to your goals & your happiness... your commitment to your self; your time, your energy; your work so that you can step into your higher self & claim your future vision.

If this sounds good to you, I'd be honoured to share this next chapter of your journey & witness your commitment, growth & devotion...

My  Philosophy...